Server Update...Why we have been offline.

Posted by mike1360 on December 5, 2013 at 9:20 PM

Hello all, first i would like to appologize for the downtime on the server the past couple days. Currently there is an issue with the database and that is a must for the server to run. Without it, there is no stats logging, locked chests, and more importantly, block logs. This opens the server up for grief and raid that we can't do anything about. Until the databse is up and running functional again, it seems as though we will be offline. 

On a good note...I have run tests with the new CraftBukkit release and when we come back (hopefully within the next few days), we will most likely be running CraftBukkit 1.7. This means we will have the new biomes and items as well with the chests from the vanilla map! 

Again, so sorry about this happening. It was nothing in my control. See you all soon!

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