1) Be respectful to all players and staff
2) No griefing! If it's not yours, don't touch it. This rule does not apply to the pvp world, the nether, and the end.
3) No hacking/mods- we play clean
4) No spamming
5) Please keep chat clean and respectful :)
6) No killing in worlds other than pvp, nether, and end
7) No advertising (example: "Join my server! Ip is")
8) Don't ask for op or staff, you won't get it
9) No rude, offensive or inapropriate skins or builds
10) Don't pretend you are staff or have any more power than you really do.
11) Please report grief or any issues you encounter with /modreq <message here>. Also any suggestions you have to make the server better :) **Not so much a rule, but a kind courtesy to help out the server and help it run efficiently and make it better! 

Any help needed on the server, ask or type /einfo for a list of helpful kits, commands, and rank explanations.